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Magnetic Necklaces

Magnetic necklaces are believed to relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulders, help with neck/chest muscle related ailments, as well as the usual health benefits of magnetic therapy.

They are made to be worn continuously, providing a real all-round health benefit to your body, including improved circulation, pressure relief, a balanced pH and more. They really are a great, holistic way of dealing with pain, inflammation and other ailments.

Instead of taking painkillers, inflammation rubs, these magnetic therapy necklaces are a non invasive and 100% natural with no harmful chemicals/toxins in their production. This can be really important if you prefer a natural approach to health.

The magnetic therapy bracelets are also a cost-effective way of dealing with health concerns, as they are usually a one-time payment compared with ongoing payments for medicines.

Magnetic Necklace Fashion

Magnetic necklaces look just like other kinds of jewellery, and have the same quality as traditional jewellery. You may not even notice that they are magnetic if you see someone wearing one. They are designed to be just as stylish as traditional necklaces.

Magnetic necklaces can come in lots of different styles and are very popular purchases too. Give your loved one a gift that not only looks good, but promotes better health through magnetic therapy.

Have a look at our magnetic necklaces:

Kate Necklace – £49.95

This stunning necklace goes well with the Kate Bracelet. You’ll never want to take it off!

Victoria Necklace – £49.95

This elegant, timeless piece will be something to show off against your neck and also goes well with the Victoria Bracelet.

We also have a stunning rang of bracelets, some of which are companion pieces to the necklaces we have showcased.