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Magnets For Health


Magnet therapy, magnetic therapy or magnotherapy is a holistic, alternative medicine practice involving the use of small, powerful magnets that are attached to parts of the body in various ways. It is believed that the magnetostatic fields created by the magnets promotes better health, pain relief, stress relief and other positive benefits.


Magnetic therapy products

Magnetic therapy products include bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, straps, insoles, mattresses, blankets and other devices.


Magnets are said to help promote better bloodflow to underlying tissues, by elevated oxygen levels moving up and down through the magnetic fields created by the magnets’ proximity to the body part it is attached to.

The positive effects of magnetic therapy


Several evidential studies have suggested that there is no scientific basis for magnetic therapy, however there are some scientific studies to suggest that magnetic therapy can have a positive effect on the body and it is perhaps worth noting that a large amount of scientific studies are carried out on behalf of large pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest which may or may not appear biased in favour of medicines.

Magnetic therapy usage


Magnetic therapy and the use of magnetic therapy products has increased significantly in recent years as people look for more holistic ways to promote better health and deal with ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism and other types of chronic pain.


Magnetic therapy dates back to 200BC, where in China the therapy was developed. It was a very popular and widespread way of dealing with pains and illnesses until modern medicine made advances in many fields, such as the production of painkillers and inflammation cremes/gels.

Magnetic therapy is enduringly popular


The enduring popularity of magnets for health is impressive and it is hard to argue against their benefits, a debate that has been ongoing for a number of years.