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Magnetic Therapy


Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapies originate from thousands of years ago in ancient China, where it was first known that people used magnets for health. Magnetic bracelets and other therapies have been around for a number of years and are still going strong, despite a dip in the 1950s where medicinal ways to combat illnesses were first discovered and used.

How does magnetic therapy work?

Magnetic therapies work by placing small magnets on certain parts of your body, such as your wrist for example. The magnet creates a magnetic field that your blood passes through on it’s way to and from the body, helping to increase the flow of oxygen in that area. Magnets can be placed anywhere on the body to target painful areas.

What illnesses can magnetic therapy help with?

Magnetic therapies can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and chronic pain, as well as helping promote good sleep and better general health.

Placing magnets in pillows, for example, helps with promoting better sleep and less stress. Placing magnets on the neck and chest helps with neck pain and also promoting better sleep. Using magnets near joints can help with arthritis, whilst using magnets on your hand can be effective for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Regular magnetic therapy users also claim that using magnets on a daily basis increases the benefits over irregular use of the products.

Cost of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapies do have a cost, but when you compare it with long-term use of medicines, it works out at incredible value by switching.

Holistic effects of magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapies are very popular with those seeking a healthy lifestyle without using painkillers and chemicals. Magnetic therapies are non invasive and also they are 100% natural products. If you value an alternative approach to medicines then magnetic therapies may be for you.