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How does magnet therapy work?

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Magnets help us to detox the body. Due to blood circulating around the body, it will come into contact at some point with the magnet you are applying. This allows the ions in our blood to release toxins that cling to cell walls. We need to help our body flush these toxins out, which is why it’s important to drink lots of water when using magnetic products or jewellery.

The other way magnets work for pain relief and muscle problems is that, when a magnet is applied to the area, our soft tissue relaxes and lengthens. This allows more oxygen and blood flow into the site, which helps it to heal and regenerate. An injury is usually surrounded by inflammation caused by a build up of acidic substances like calcium and lactic acids. Applying magnets to the area help to introduce an alkaline effect, neutralising the body and stimulating it to heal itself.